I Can Go Back to Work!

I know for some this is like saying “why?” Why would you be so excited about going back to your job? Well, it is simple. there are a few reasons why, Mainly so I stay on my normal schedule.  I would rather be at work than sit here at home 24/7, looking at these walls, and being productive. Secondly, I will be to have a normal income again, Even though I will be put on reduced hours, and days. Having an income will be nice, Since the Canadian Government’s Sick Benefits is a Joke. So happy I’m not on Income Assistance. So I go back next week, four hours per day, three days a week, for the first while to see how I perform, and how my stress levels are. I cannot lift anything more than 10lbs. He will have the work load sheets sent to my H.R. Manger, and hopefully I can have a copy of it. My Sugar levels are well under control. so I think I have this licked.

Nice to have things getting back to normal soon.

Canada Day Parade in Kitimat, BC

Yes, I am a little late, on posting this. This is all because the add-on I use for posting images in broken, and the author had not fixed it, I finally got around to fixing their code, which is broke only becuase they want you to buy their Pro package for $300.00, which is not going to happen. So, I hacked it to shreds, and got it work half ass like. So here is a slide show of 40 or so images from that day, back in July 1, 2019. 

Sadly the gallery is broken too, so there is no use pinking it to that page. Perhaps some day it will get fixed, but I highly doubt it, that will be soon. Enjoy.

Home Home Sweet Home.

Leaving the hospital in Vancouver was like an unexpected surprise, as I was able to dress myself, and stand up, which qualified me as an “Out Patient.” So I was given early Discharge out of the Hospital. They had another patient that really needed that bed, so I said, “Sure, I’m out of here.” All I needed to do was getting to the airport, on the plane, back to Terrace. The plan was awesome, except for one little detail, my flight was for 9:00pm, and I was being discharged at 9:00am.  Now we wait. and wait….

So I’m walking  out of the Hospital, after a super fast talk with the food expert lady, talking to me what my food intake should be, and all the pit I encounter. and a day’s supply of pills. and a packet of paperwork for other doctors’ to read. Just like that, I’m on the streets of Vancouver. That last hour in the Hospital, was blur. No Airport Shuttle from there. Just the Sky Train and five block walk. Now I wait at the airport…… I made it. But not home yet.

TERRACE, BC 11:00pm, I gave Suz., the biggest hug I could give. I was so glad to be home. When I hit my bed, that night was almost a perfect sleep. lights out!

Now that I’m home, things are boring. No driving for at least the next four weeks, so I depends on the help of others for shopping. So, no work too. Even thought I feel I can go, I still need the freedom to drive. That is where they got me. It does make sense that I should not drive, as after I take these pill, I get the Sweets. and could black out. Plus, I cannot not lift anything right now. I do have a GP, for next week, he may say, “NO, you need six weeks of bed rest, not the four the Hospital said”

Now I am seeing the Lay person experts, out of the wood work, all saying what they believe in a correct course of action. “Naugh.., I will take the advice of my GP and Dietitian, thank you. ”

Food is my enemy: it kills. where it once gave me so many pleasure, it is my new weakness, that I must over come. basically  it is just eating right, but in the way you may not think. One slice of bread per meal. I now test for my sugar levels, and need to keep them low, or at a good level. Food that was once yummy, is bad, or out right band. The hard part is keeping myself full. lots and lots of veggies they say, that is hard when raised on the Western diet fast food whit lots of fasts and oils.


The boring part of the story, lost time.

The heart has calmed down, to cool 72 beats per minute, and the nurses have left me alone to try and sleep, although, I could sleep no matter what. But I tired. Then came breakfast, and the post breakfast finger bleed. they were testing for sugar levels. Unbeknownst to me, I was now labeled a Type Two Diabetic, and was taking Netforman Pills. later described as the the WD40 for Type two diabetics. The drug makes sure the Insulin can unlock the sugars in the blood stream even though I produce insulin, of my own, which is not that great insulin, I produce it. So after each  meal, a nurse pop over with the mertre and pricks my finger for a very small drop of blood. I’m so used to now, it is part of the routine. I still get the 4AM vampire call for two huge vile of blood, but that is nothing now.

Now the boring part, laying their. The Hospital staff would not tell me when I would be discharge, it was a guessing game then. So Suz, book a flight for the next day in the evening for me to leave Y.V.R. as the M.S.P. in BC, does not cover the cost of getting home. You are kind of on your own to get back home.

Once I had my ticket conformation number, I was set, and waited. The rumour was I going to be set to General Ward on the Four floor really soon. BY 6pm, I was on my way up there. It was nice. dark, quiet and cool, just the way I like it. but in the same bed.

Things were leveling out for me. My breathing was almost perfect, and my chest felt awesome. Heck, I was feeling great. ..and stinky.

I was also unable to keep track of time, as funny as that sounds, I completely could not tell you what day of the week it was. I guess when you are laying in bed, you forget. I knew a couple of days have passed while I was in Vancouver, I just for got. There is no need to know, when you are stuck in bed with wire tapped to your chest. and machines going “beep, beep, beep,” there is always something. Yes, I have a watch, but it does not tell the days of weeks with it. Remember I did not have my Tablet, or Smart Phone with me at the time I left Terrace.

The Racing Heart.

The next morning after getting the Stint installed, all of a sudden, my heart was getting proper blood flow. So, it was racing supper fast, around 187 bpm and the Doctor gave me some drugs that slows the beating down, but I did not feel it. For the next day or so, everyone was watching the monitor that was I hooked up to, measuring my heart beats, seeing if there was a change. The change did not happen until later that night. Now I was back to a cool 72-9bpm. Everyone seemed happy again. I felt normal though-out all of this.

Then the Vampires came in. For every hour on the hour afterwords, they would insert a vile into one of the four I.V.s already in my arm, and take blood. This was now normal. From then on, at 4:00pm, two Asian nurses would greet me, with “We want to take some blood from you, are you OK with that”

“Sure” I said, pick an arm. I would feel them stick the needle in, and in a minute, it was all done.

I almost forgot., I had visitors. My sister and her daughter came for visit. That was awesome.

Most of this day was a blank for me as I had to be kept very still. That was hard. I could not shower, or clean myself, too.

Still could not sleep.

Off to Vancouver, BC, for a Stint

Now I’m being carried off to the Terrace Kitimat Airport, in a Ambulance, strapped to a bed with wire attached everywhere. I know I was getting a “1000 Mics of Nitro” in my IV. they kept looking that. But is was still very stormy, so the Chief Pilot waited a few minutes for the storm to pass, so we could leave. They squeezed me onto the aircraft, and locked me in. I could not move my legs I was in their so tight. Now, I am off to Vancouver.

Two Hours later, we landed at YVR, and  Another Ambulance took me away to the hospital. I got there around noon. Off to the third floor to nowhere, here we go. I got into my new home for the next four days, into a bigger bed, much more comfy, but more wire attached to me, making sleep next to impossible, and sharing it with three other patients. StPaul’s Hospital is a very old building, However, their staff are top notch. They were awesome. they made sure I was taken care of. I give them an “A+” Now I’m in Vancouver, kind of freaking out at what is going on. I have no contact numbers, and I can’t dial out long distance, using their phones, so my advice, TAKE YOUR SMART PHONE WITH YOU. They offer free WIFI, so you can texted out. they never gave me that one the brochure, I had nothing with me. However, one of the nurses did get me a phone that I could and talked to Suz.,  The next morning is “Stint,” day.

Heart Attack! or is it….

Before I start on my adventure, just letting you know that everything turned out. But yes, I had a heart attack, or Angina. It was about 6:00pm, I was shopping when it started. My chest was tight, and when I got home, I started to cough uncontrollably. Latter I learned that it was my heart, not pumping enough blood, and it collected in my lungs. My breathing was short breaths, and I coughing up pink fluids. I phoned Suz., she drove me to Emergency, at Mills Memorial Hospital in Terrace, BC, and I was giving the complete check over. We thought it was contamination reaction of some sort, but then the doctors zeroed in on the heart. I spent the night in I.C.U. waiting to be airlifted out to Vancouver at St., Paul’s Hospital. But the weather was nothing but storm after storm. SO I spent the night there. 

I could not sleep in that room. I asked for it to be a cool as possible as I was running a fever. The coughing slowly let-off as what ever they gave me seemed to be working. I think it was the “Clot Buster” drugs that did the trick, but I was still going with chest pains. 

Thanks to Suz, for her quick thinking, she packed an over night bag for me, and phoned my family. and work to let them know what had happened. I owe her so much. She knew what what was going on. She kept everyone in the loop.

Sleeping, with your chest wired up like a distributor, and watching the monitor go “Beep, Beep, Beep”, was what kept me up most of that night. I could not roll over, and get comfortable in that bed. I could hear the thunder outside all night long too. I was a bad storm.  The Air Ambulance folks arrived bright and early around 6:00am.

Happy Canada Day! 2019

We spent it out in Kitimat, BC. As they host the Canada Day Parade here in the North West. It was not bad, the parade. Every one seemed happy. Lots of red and white, and good weather too. I actually got a little bit of a Suntan having to get my old baseball cap because I was getting a headache from the heat.  It might have been hazy, but the high clouds kept the heat in, making it deceptively warm out.

The important thing that the kids had their fun. Though there could have been more squirt guns, from the parade floats. Only the mayor of Kitimat, had a high volatility squirt gun. I guess he did not want to squirt people with cameras, thinking that he would damaged them, well, mine is water proof, so a good soaking would have been nice. 

To the commentator who said life on my weblog is boring. I say to him, “then you need to get a life too buddy!” If you have nothing nice to say, then #$%$ off. and look at some other web site, like USA Today, or something.

But anyway, Happy Canada Day Everyone! Enjoy the holiday.

Sorry, the Photo Album is broken. Yup, NETGEN Photos is screwed up, they want us to buy their pro version.

We Made it: Summertime Season Has Started 2019!

It was a long six months of cold, and rain, plus the snow, but we have come full circle in time to reach this day, and the Skeena Valley is exploding with festivities and summer time life as the longest day of the year is upon us. The city of Terrace had a free breakfast/lunch, which was free. and today, we are heading out to the theatre for a free movie, also sponsored by the city of Terrace, BC. We are probably going to see (Men In Black 2019) as we are Si-Fi fans, instead of (Toy Story 4). So Happy Solstice, and all the goodness that goes with it.  The only down side to today is, that after today, the days get shorter again.


This image, to me signify the start to the summer season, in Mm Humble Opinion, as this one, I took today at the Lake, just moments after a good down Pour of Rain, from a fast moving storm that reached the Lake and lasted only a few hours. This is Suz, conducting the clouds to move away from the lake and head over to Prince Rupert, and rain their. It worked, as she worked her magic, and conjured up the powers of nature and other mystical forces. You can see the clouds scattering away on the horizon in this shot over to Prince Rupert, BC.

OK, we were having some fun taking cool photos, but The day turned out awesome.

Yay, it is summer now, and let the party rip away for the next four months! We saw Men IN Black 2019, for free at the Tillicum Twin Theartre. It was awesome, and a bit of the Farmer’s Market before it closed for the day. Then we drove out to Shames Mountain, the Ski Hill, and took a bunch of photos. Then off to Kitimat, BC to see the Ocean. It was a packed day. We drove all over the place. We even went to the Art Galley in the Terrace Library, and seen some really awesome paintings. I have taken so many shots but have so little time to post.

Celebrations are Less than Twenty Days Away!

Weblog is up to date, and all the plugins seem to be working correctly and upgraded. Checked. (on with the post) With May2019 long gone behind us now, and we are roaring into the summer season, so many events are taking place around the Skeena Valley, it is getting hard to keep track of them. Summer is upon in a few days, also marking my second anniversary moving back to the Skeena Valley. Wow, two years already, as time flies by. The Summer Solstice is less than twenty days way(June 21). As we are now in the month of June. The days are so long here (it does not get dark until 11PM. And heat, we are getting days at over 30C., super warm. Climate Change is real folks, this is not North Coast weather when was growing up here as a kid.

So yesterday, June 1st, me a SUz., took a small hike along the River, to seck it out, and for some much needed exercise. We came upon some Rock Art, or words made of ricks. “YES” was one of them. I thought this was cute. And there are others to see, and the spring floods is making the river water high, but not flooding. Which is the new signs of the times, with the hot weather. water levels are staying low.

If I remember the original words were “BACON LOVE”, and just took a photo of the heart, because they made it with only the red rocks found here.

Some more rock river art.

This strange creature. More or less man made, not a natural fluke, or is it?


A face, with buck teeth, and a red nose. Winking at you.

Seeing the high water or spring run-off which is typical this time of year for the Skeena River.