Week 2 Behind Me Now

What a day, what a week so far, with one more day remaining: when can I get some sleep? That has been my thoughts for the last sixteen hours of consciousness. My classes were review, and brief re-acquainted looks at what we should have already learned from our undergraduate courses… nevertheless, I was struggling to keep myself going as the hours of lectures ensued. I have exceeded my readings beyond the course syllabus, mainly because I found that If I read a head, the lectures are more coherent, however boring, as they become review. I’m now able to read how the prof. teaches versus the textbook when preparing for the exam. I’m finding that the textbook can be the best source of understanding the course material rather then relying on the lectures. This is contrary to what they say at the beginning of each course! Speaking of exams: My first set of midterms are next week! Oh joy this Summer Semester has being so far…….. *arg*

Super Turtles on Campus

Every once in a while, I spot them, sometimes hiding in the reeds, rarely, laying on a piece of driftwood–sunning themselves, and sometimes they float in the water, with their heads sticking out just enough to spot them if you look carefully. They remind me of what frogs look like as they observe their surroundings because they have the exact same body structure. You just see their little noses and eyes poking out of the water, very cleverly disguised, almost undetectable by humans unless you were watching very carefully. I had made a promise that one day I would capture one (or all) of them with my camera. I know there are at least five of them because in the student calendar, there was a photo of the turtles being released into the pond where they live today. Whether they are all alive now is another mystery? So many times I have walked by, only to be mused at because I neither had my camera or, they scurried away–and they are fast–super fast! So after my Thursday night class, all the elements for this encounter came to be. There was one, very close to the shore, sitting on his favourite piece of wood, and in my pack I had the camera. The only thing that sucked was, the log was situated on the West side of the pond, another words, the Sun was to my back. I got some very good shots, but my shadow was still noticeable in most of the shots and I think the turtle knew this? I only had time for 5 shots before, like a bolt of lightning, he leaped away to the bottom of the pond, perhaps waiting there until I had left. But now I have turtle shots!

Summer School, the Saga Continues…

With the last day of class for this week behind me, I got what I could for sleep, then slithered out to work this morning. It was rough! Working on just four hours of sleep, then going home, tired, but not too tired to fall asleep– it is it’s own kind of Hell. So I just sat at my table staring at my textbooks, hoping that all the information would just leap out at me, straight into my head where it will sit until exam time ready to be regurgitated…. I know, wishful thinking? Well, the worst has begone, and now, for the next 14 weeks, I’m going to do what so many have fallen, failed, dropped, limped though, cried through, squeaked by, just passed and passed: you pick one. Statistical Psychology, the hardest of all undergraduate courses that the curriculum has to offer! Yes, folks, this is the moment of truth, where men are men or they become mice. Though the girls out number the boys in Criminology by almost 5 to 1, they suffer just as much. To my knowledge, I do not think that there is any gender difference whatsoever? Hummmmmm, perhaps that could be a class project? So, the class is lovingly called STATS or PSYC 2300. You must have this in your transcripts if you wish to graduate. And they don’t make it easy. With mathematics at it’s core, STATS, has it’s own jargon, rules and discipline. It seems that everyone who wishes to do their four year degree must have at least one STATS course under their belt — Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, etc… This is the “bottleneck” in the great system they call Academia. The prof. who’s name I have yet found the correct spelling for, at least has a cute sense of humour, kind of a morbid funny.??..? That was nice, because of the dryness of the material. He even referred it to “Hell on Earth” and “when you leave here, you’ll be much better people for it….” If that was a plug for it or just a warning, I thought I felt the ground shook when he said that? 13 more weeks and counting…..

Summer School Begins-Day one

Just when you got caught up on all your sleep, took some time off from work so you could see all those people you forgot, left behind, or just could not catch up with because of the heave workload from school and work, etc…–you return to HELL. Well, that we what the first minute of the first class felt like. After that, it all sank back into perspective and the sense of normative high octane, ubiquitous genre that cannot be placed with just one known English word, accept, maybe normlessness, made me **not** feel all warm and fuzzy inside. As the prof. entered the room, he looked around the class, and where I was seated, we the end of his gaze, he bowed to me, and spoke my name with such reverence, showing to the class that there was a history between us. In fact the history was, he was my very first prof. in my quest for higher learning in the discipline of criminology. He smiled and continued on with the class lecture. Because of my “experinece” with him, I knew that one of his favourite “Ice-breakers” to get the class going was the “Name Game” where by if you happened to be the last student in the class to be chosen either by putting your hand up or chosen by the prof., you had to list all the names of the students that came ahead of you. Naturally, I went first. Am I evil or what?

A Super Sunset and Summer Time Fun

Oh is This place so nice when it is spring….. I could not believe my good timming when I was driving away from Abbotsford buying none GVRD taxed Gas, when I hit Bradner Road right at the time the Sun was setting, reflecting on top of the Fraser River! Not only was I in a good spot, but the light was right at the point in the river where the Albion Ferry crosses from Maple Ridge to Fort Langley. The other factor, was that I had just forgot to bring my camera in from the truck from my trip to Alberta, so how could I not snap a few frames. I clicked like a mad man, as in only a few mins, the Sun sank away into the mountains.

The photo shows Glenn Valley just East of Fort Langley, facing Westward high upon Bradner Raod, in Abbotsford. This high vantage point is quite common for people to stop and look out over this place. Not only can you see the Ferry corssing, but on a very clear night, you can see the lights of Vancouver and all places in between. Out of 24 photos, this one was good enough to show nicely on my screen. It was when the Sun started to drop over the horizon. Pluss, the exposure was allmost perfect for the light conditions. Enjoy the photo.

Drove up to Rocky Mountain House

I’m so tired right now. You see, I just got back from my road trip, visiting my mother, leaving Friday morning and getting back tonight (Monday) that I just did too much in such a short period of time. I’m wiped! But it was all worth it. The drive, which I was dreading, turned out to be great. It was not as bad as what I thought it was going to be. Of course, being with Mother was a real treat too, I had not seen her in over a year, but it was her news that made the trip worth while. I’ll talk more about that a little bit later…. But for now, please click on the link right below to read the rest of the story. 🙂

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Another Term Behind Me Now

Today was the last day of the Spring Term. I will have a two week rest period, then I’m back for more punishment starting the Summer Semester in May. Today, after I wrote my last exam, I went home and pasted out for a few hours. When I have awoke, I actually thought it was Tuesday today? Dam scary when you can’t figure out what day of the week it is! I feel a road trip coming on….

What I saw at the Gas Station$$$

Gas, Holy crap is it ever going up in price! I thought I would never see gas hit these prices for at least another year. I guess Old G.W.Bush is one happy camper with all his oil wells and oil producing countries he’s got now. I saw a gas station this morning that had posted it’s gas at $1.05 per litre *cough* *sheesh*. For those of you who are still on the old imperial non S.I. measuring method, you can easily put 4Ls into a Gallon. You do the math. I guess those big honk’n SUVs are going to get a little cheaper around here as gas prices climb–the middle class can’t afford to drive them anymore!

Let the Exams Begin

Yes, tomorrow my first final exam begins: to kick off the start of the end of the term! Thursday night will be the CRIM2330 final, followed by Monday afternoon exam, pluss a take-home exam also due then. Friday I’ll be taking some time from work so I can enjoy some R&R and not think about anything acedemic. Or, forget about R&R, I’ll just read away my nights anyway, getting ready for the next term- which appears to be just a brutal as this one! I’ve heard the stories already, and they are not nice.
Will this B.A. Degree be worth it?
Will it make me happy and get me that dream job?
Will I find that “Miss Right” once all of this is over?
Or: will I just end up flipping hamburgers in a greasy-spoon joint for the rest of my life?
(Now I wish I had my Polls plugin working again)
Stay tuned for the next episodes of the adventures of “The Life [of] Thomasso……”

I was gone for while becuase….

For those of you who were wondering where the heck I took off to, well, I was cram’n for the exams which start on Monday: doing that at the begining of the month and then: in the last couple of days, I have being franticly trying to figure out why I could not log onto my website? I figured out that my normal browser FireFox was not reading PHP any more, well, wores yet, my PHP files, I could still read everyone elses, not this domain! So I’m using a spcial LINUX browser called Epiphany 1.4.4, a Gnome desktop browser that is based on Mozilla. I guess I did something to FireFox that prevents me from using it? Anyway, I’m alive and well, just over worked and sleep deprived becuase of exams and work.