They may not be the roses that the “old saying” mentions, but for the time of year, they are close enough. I took some time to “smell them,” so to speak. They are out in full force covering every garden patch, field and ditch along the country side. They are the one true indicator that spring, the warmer weather and good times to come are around the corner. I needed the break with finals in the next couple of weeks. This could be my last time until mid April that I have this opportunity to do this. The walk around the park and down to the river was nice and relaxing. Hardly a soul around with the long weekend winding down. What a great day so far. *smiling*

Busy, Busy, Busy

Unbelievable how busy I have being in the last couple of weeks! I cannot understand why all of a sudden the scheduling of my little old life has hit fever pitch and yet, with my well planed layout, I find myself scrambling to understand why the pieces are not fitting together like they should? I do know one thing, when I travel new territory, like this one course I’m taking right now, I realize that knowledge does not come easily. Oh sure, I read the textbook and compile the notes. I write everything I can from the lectures and read them over religiously. Yet, for some reason, I’m struggling to achieve what I would consider the appropriate grade from the fruits of my labour. My last exam was a little disappointing to say the least. Yes, I passed it OK, academically, but not to the reciprocating effort I put into it. I guess my recall of details is slipping in my old age?

I have made a new pack to myself, or in some sense, remade an old one. I have decided to lighten my employment a little to allow myself to have more time with my studies. I may even go one step further and reduce my full time status with my main source of employment and go part time: period. I need to find that magic medium in keeping my goals alive.

Well anyway, I’m keeping up with my assignments and projects. I can still recover somewhat with this course. It is not over yet. Focusing on this next assignment may be the key here. This paper is worth twenty five percent of the course and I have calculated that I can achieve a recoverable mark and still maintain my GPA overall. Thus hope still exists!

Spring, Spring, its the first day of Spring

Officialy it’s spring today, or the very first day of spring for 2005. Yet, with the wonderful weather we had in the last weeks, with temperatures well over the seasonal norms, we are now having the topical weather that is associated with early spring. Last night we had a windstorm: and did it ever rain! The temperatures are still above normal, but the monsoons are defiantly here.

Over the Hump and through the Hills

Before you call out the search parties and air support, I am fine and healthy, nothing to worry about. The last 10 days have being just unbelievably hectic and I needed to lock myself up in side my bedroom and cram for the exams, recover from a slight cold I was developing and figure out what I want to do for my 3rd and 4th year in my major. So I cut myself off from all contact from the outside world just to spend one hundred percent of my time on those problems. I am fine and functioning normally. My workload is back to 26 hours per day and work is still the same. All I have left are the last of the term papers and two final exam to end the Spring semester off with.

If you have sent me comments or Emails, I apologies for not returning replies. I will try my best to reply to those that need answering. If you wish, you may leave your comments of sympathy and condolences below or Email them, either way I do get them. For some people in my life, I guess I have being a stress case and I feel I must offer a apology for my crankiness and unusual attitudes of late. Things should be back to normal, if you could call it that?

What, More Exams. Why so Many.

A somber mood I sit and ponder “what on Earth I should do with the rest of my mini-vacation,” with yet so much left to do, and only two full days left to do them in, I type on my Blog instead. My mid-terms are do next week, therefore, I must concentrate on those. The new semester, and with it, registration day is also upon us and I must think about that plus make sure I have the money for admissions. I have read my reading that are scheduled for today, and started reading the chapters for tomorrow’s reading. I wonder if I should go far beyond my laid out assignments outline. I know that I will not have the time to spend like I do now, I should take full advantage of this? Regardless, I know myself better than anyone else that if I do venture too far ahead, this could also prove bad news for next week’s exams as I tend to sluff off just before the exams. Yet another part of me whats to drop everything, just stop all my worries and go on a road trip. Just point the car in any direction and drive–one day there, one day back. Oh that sounds so simple, so nice and so exiting. That could be the ticket to some well deserved happiness. OH crap! I forgot, I’m broke until I pay for my registration! OH well, I was happy for one minute–better than nothing I guess *huge smile*

Spring, it’s Early this Year.

Looking outside my window, I can see the trees starting to bud their leaves, I can see the rose bushes making fresh shoots and the grass is growing with the weeds, ready for the great mower. Across the river I can see the changing shades of colours of the forest canopy and along the shores from the low laying bushes, going from dead brown to a reddish, green hue with hints of yellow. Even the Cherry tree that sits at the end of my street has started to plume a brilliant white with thousands of white buds covering it like frost on a supper cold night.

Holy cow, with all this new growth and rebirth, I feel like heading out in the car cursing the main drag and trolling for chicks! With temperatures like 19C we had yesterday, I feel like we are really in summer mode? So, into my shorts, my summer jacket and sunglasses, I’m taking the rest of the week off to enjoy this early nice weather. Awh, my spring break! 🙂

Going to the Movies

Xine is a free movie player for your system, and it easily installable for the Linux System such as my machines here at home. The reason why I’m writing about Xine (Pronounced “[ksi:n], like the name “Maxine” with the “Ma” removed”) is because I was uploading some short DVD movies that I made and my “audience” was having problems with the codec on his player made by those other guys… Needless to say, I was a little rusty playing in the MS Windows sandbox and was clueless about getting the proper Drivers installed. So I introduced him to Xine. He has a Linux machine too, encase your were wondering.

He was thrilled that, (a) it was free and that offered so many of the codecs used by Window formats. (b) It install fairly easily and worked right from the moment after you installed it and ( c ) You had access to all the DVD region codes around the world! He likes the Asian and East European movies, that your off the shelf DVD player will not play. Please do not forget, you can run this on the Windows platform also, just remember that it is more difficult to set it up–as I found out.

Another website helped him set up the by pass his DVD Burner so that he could burn several regional codes with out compromising his DVD player after the so called 5 courtesy burns it gives you. [I do not have link from him yet.]

Yes, the world of Open Source is nothing to laugh at folks. I still do not understand why someone would want to go out of their to pirate software licences, illegal software, or pay for it when you can get free personal use operating systems with very few conditions attached right off the net?

My rule of thumb is: If someone posts a video that Xine can not play, then that person has lost 50% of the inter net users around the world. I happily move one to something else to watch. Also, this gives me a chance to start the post off with the letter “x” which I do not get to use that often. It looks funky with my drop down letters… =)

The Blog Saga Continues, still in the set up phase

Quality and Quantity seem to be the hallmark of some Blogs, while short, often vague Blogs fill the other end of the spectrum. For my little Blog here, I seem to be in the first category! When I redid my stats page, which I can’t get to show on the main page at the moment, I have written a whopping 226 page of text, with the average post length of 650 words. The last two upgrades, allowed me on line editing and word processing, so the amount of words grew per post. This is quite the mound of words, even from my expectations when I first started the Blog Gig.

My current challenge with WP(Word Press) 1.5 StreyHorn is with the older plugins that are not up to the conversion from 1.2.2 and older. SO, I either start fiddling around with PHP now, taking up valuable time, or wait for the authors who created these plugins to fix and upgrade on their own accord. Either way, I’m at the mercy of the dreaded God of Time. Gerrrrrrrr.

Anyway, I’m going to do some cleanup here today, then start some uploading and tweaking this coming weekend. I still have homework that is piling up and the couple of dead lines fast approaching. So, I’m going to be a slave to the day planner this week! Sad, how one is a slave to the day planner… 🙁 Oh crap, I need those smilies too! Another one for the day planner—–see! I’m a slave to it!

Here we are, a New Looking WeBLOG

So each new theme that I have tried has some really wonderful features and flip side, each would require many hours of work to get all the function that I would like to see working. What you see right now, the Blue roundly theme is the WordPress Default that came with the 1.5 package. For my tates, this seems to the best one and carries the “new page” feature that I thought was really neat. However, like the 1.2 version of WordPress that I had before, there were tons of features that were not being used simply because of my limitations with PHP and how to use the templates. At least 1.5 seems to be a little bit more user friendly and easer to understand. But most importantly, time wise, it took less time to configure the current CSS to the way I wanted then with the previous version. Above all else, I am happy with the upgrade per se and hope to take full advantage of the all the feature 1.5 has to offer. ….OK, I’m getting sentimental here, *sniff* *sniff* and let me say that if it were not for all those little people out there, this project would not of gotten off the ground….. wait, I’m not getting a Oscar here? ….eh, screw it, you either like the BLOG or don’t!

No, You’re not Lost, I Just Upgraded!

O kay, I have just done the bog upgrade and figured I should start back to the basics and work my way up again. I guess the look of the old layout sort of sucked. I could tell because everyone was telling that the blog was cool, but…. That was the indicator! When people are nice, that really means trouble and a change in needed. So here we are… Recently added: I just did a bunch of editing on the index page and it looks fairly straight forward. I Administration page is a little lame, but it works. So I’m slowly getting most of the plug ins back up again. I think there are a couple of them that I’m going to leave for good…. the new layout just does not need the clutter.

Previous entry from earlier on today: I think the first thing I must do is get the old favicon up, and start working the CSS to get these post looking good again. The drop case letters are off, yet I didn’t figure the old plugins would stay when I uploaded everything. At least that is one less thing I must do. Those plugins were a bitch sometimes to get working.

Oh, now I guess I need to worry about SPAM again because I just realized that my SPAM protection systems are gone. Holy crap! This could get ugly…..:(

So Here Is Word Press 1.5 StrayHorn!