SPAMMING the Back Track URL: Beware SPAMMERS

Well, the Spammers have not being able to penetrate the blog pre se, but they have resorted to list the Back Track options that most Blog users have so that if someone wished to cite a comment from another Blog, they have a special web address that leaves a excerpt on the author’s Blog and directs you to the cited page. Very clever way of citing those who use your ideas on a Blog. It seems that with all the Anti-Spamming measures in place on various Blog, Spammers have resorted to spamming those Track Back option. Well, Back Back mine SPAMMER! He ha ha ha…. *the evil laugh*

Is Kyoto Achievable and College goes on Strike!

O Kay, I’m not a real fan of disputing parties and forced settlements, but the BC government sure took its sweet time getting involved to send in a labour arbitrator to finally start working on a solution. My stake in all of this is I’m a college Student in Kwantalen. I have classes in both Langley and Surrey Campuses. The BCGEU(British Columbia Government Education Union) have being without a contract and without a wage increase in over 7 years. So the Union has being rotating pickets among 6 colleges throughout the province. So each college looses one day per week on average. I have already lost one of my Monday classes, actually, the very first day of the semester was lost. Now, today, my Thursday class was cancelled because of the strike. And just as I was throwing my books back into my pack, I heard the government was sending in a labour dispute mediator to get both side talking again. So that’s my day so far!
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Happy Birthday to Mom and the Flag

Today is the 40th anniversary of the Canadian Flag. It was 40 years ago today that we gave up the Red Ensign and changed the look of our country’s colours to the rest of the world. Also, it was my mother’s birthday yesterday, also on Valentines Day. So Happy Birthday Mom and happy birthday to the flag!

But I should point out here that February 14th, was the most important day out of the two. ___This way I get to keep my good standing with Mummy….*hint* *hint*___… So the last couple of days have being hectic. I made sure that the birthday card was off in the post…. “You must have it by now Mom.” It was the cutest one I could find. Searched high and low for the perfect card!

The Birthday card I got for my mother was a turtle, dressed as a rabbit, with little bunny ears and a fluffy tail with a present strapped to the top of the shell. I guess the idea was, better late than never? Well, I bought the card because it has a deeper meaning to it. My mother once had a T-shirt that read “Super Turtle” on it with a tiny turtle hanging from “E” in the world turtle. It was cute. I never forgot that shirt because she always wore it at home and it was her explanation when someone wanted something and she did not have enough time to do it or, she would encourage us to do it for ourselves.

One Year without Credit: Nice!

One year since I cut up my credit cards, closed my Bank Accounts and change the way I look at out our monetary system. Today, is somewhat the unofficial date in which I undertook that great step into a world unknown and feared by almost every person in the Western world. We are adapted to the world of Banking and the concept of capital. We now place value on everything with the common currency and regulate ourselves in such away that we must profit or gain in the sum of this capital. To step away from that, for most, this would be unthinkable. We would question this move as we can only function with the use of these financial institutions. I say, bull-pucky! Read on….
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Male Birth Control in the News, again

This is one story that has always interested me over the years. From when I first started college, till now, I have always debated amongst my collogues and friends that social, medical and moral reasonings of Male Contraception in our society was needed. Indeed my argument is built on years of research and shared information from many friends and academics for whom I interact with. Form the Sociological perspective, I have always favoured the general idea of Male Contraceptives on the bases of shared responsibility and individual choice that Females have enjoyed for the last 40 years. I like to break down many of the dominate stereotypes that we seem to hang on to in the Western (and eastern) world regarding sexual responsibility.
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So, your Living Room is not a Public Place after all

The highest Court in our land has overturned the conviction of Mr. Clark, the man who was caught masturbating in his living room about four years ago. The ruling touches two issues. First, is your living room considered the public domain? Second, did Mr. Clark mean to invite the pubic to view his act, or did he intended to display this pubic act intentionally? The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled negative to both these questions.
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A New Indicator of Measuring where the Poor Live

Pouring over some research papers and information on a research project I’m doing, It suddenlydawned on me that there is in fact more ways to economically rate a certain geographical area then just translating official government published information and private data collection agencies. It appears that with work done by people like Jerry Buckland from the University of Manitoba and other academics, not only can you locate poorly rated economic areas, (where scarce data exists) but you can with some certainty, predict where the boundaries are moving to, and leaving from. Sort of like a tracking device, a connection between Charted Banks and Credit Unions and Fringe Banks, such as Cheque Cashing and Payday Loans businesses could be used as indicators. Here are some CBC(Candain Broadcaster Corp) Radio excerpts you can listen too also on this subject.
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Truth or Fiction is based on Perspective

Playing with Statistics is one of the key functions of being a Criminologist. I was having a discussion with a co-worker who was amazed that the concept of how easy it is to misrepresent the truth with statistics, orSOCI1125 2003 Stats., I will call them, could be done. I asked him what the average wage earner in Canada was, he automatic reply, well the middle class would be $45,000.00? [buzzzzz = wrong] Firstly, this example was use by a Sociology Professor I had the honour to sit in his lectures with, C. Vidal at Kwantlen University / College. Here’s how it looks on paper, or in a png image. First point here is how Stats Canada makes’ their definition of the middle class wage earner vrs what is the actual middle class wage earner is. Second, how this measure skews what point of view that Canadians have for their country and how people generalizes the wealth and health of the country over all.
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Exciting Neighbourhood I Live in?

Back on Thursday, I was psyching myself up for the super late class, 7PM to 10PM, trying to get an hour or two rest because the next morning I had to get up at 4:15AM for work. So, as I was forcing myself to sleep, I guess I must of really dosed off because during this time, the police had to be called out to one of my neighbours who’s party (on a Thursday night?) got out of hand. The description I got was, my home was surrounded by police cars and cops everywhere. But remember, I was out like a light bulb! When I got up to leave for class, I noticed nothing? But it gets weirder…
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Salt to Sandbags, in 24 hours

One would never have known that just two days ago, we were in the mids of winter’s grip and our frozen world was the chaos and vehicle hell that filled the evening news. We now have gone from a wintery world of frost covered windows and salted roads to umbrellas, raincoats and sandbags…. Yes, Sandbags! Remember in my last post I said that the City of Vancouver was handing out free salt? Well, the City of Richmond is handing out free Sandbags! If you stood in the same spot two days ago today, you would have never of known that this cold crystalline world even existed. As rain pours down in near records amounts, not one trace of ice and snow can be found. It has now being raining for two days. The first twenty four hours brought over one hundred millimetres of rain and today we will have equalled that. Tomorrow, till the end of the week, is about the same in the weather forecast. We now have so many road closures; that plotting routs to work in the mornings can be quite tricky. Going home today, I had to take two detours because of local flooding! I am glad my roof does not leak!