Distractions of the Id

I’m tired and feeling overwhelmed because of the mid terms from this last week and the one slated for next Monday. But, I also have a million other things on the go too: like going to work, tax forms, house maintenance and the annual Air-Care inspection for the vehicle. Instead of writing a well thought out post, I am going to cut it short and focus on getting these projects and needs met, plus attempting to throw in some sleep too if I can? There is the weekend to post a few words, if I can make up time?

I’m meeting up with Mark on Sunday to get together and talk. Mark is the guy I talked about in a couple of posts here, who moved down to Vancouver to work because the forestry industry had shut down, so I’ll have some more updates on him then.

All right, back to some more reading mind numbing stats and research texts. I think I need to buy more Root Beer?