Therapy: Sick of Research Papers

All right, I’m not really sick of research papers, I’m just sick of writing this particular research paper. I thought it would be good therapy just to do something else while the chaos of data and text swirl around inside my head–I can see them every time I close my eyes.

I have spent nearly four weeks on this project. This is a class project that deals with understanding all aspects of qualitative research. Oh, did I mention that it is part of the Criminology program? Umm, I guess I did. Anyway, the amount of time I have spent on the final paper is killing most of my other classes. I am way behind on other papers that need to be handed tomorrow! Yes tomorrow… So it looks like I’ll be doing the 24 hours shift tonight.

Tom’s social life? Well, it sucks because the luxury of having time to spend doing nothing away from the house does not fit into my schedule. Between work, classes and study time, the day is used up. Friends are becoming strangers, and sleeping on my pillow is becoming a weird feeling–ever have that feeling that you are sleeping in someone else’s bed? The couch and lazy-boy recliner are my new dreaming headquarters. Because of this, my back hurts like Hell. I have developed a habit of falling asleep while reading.

Anyway, one more day of lecture, then three exams the following week and it is all over for the semester. The feeling that it is almost over is both sad yet frick’n wonderful, and it can’t come soon enough!

So ya, research… fun stuff. I think after this class I’ll become a hard-ass when critiquing someone else’s’ research paper! I really hope that this is the last research/stats class for me in this degree program? I should check–gulp.