Pay The Man Damn it….

The Tax forms are filled in, and the Man should be receiving them right about now, and a nice size cheque should be waiting at the Post Office in the few days for me. Yes, I get grouchy this time of year filling these damn forms out. This is a reminder of how much of a slave I am to the system, however, I did manage to squeeze more money back on my deductions this year with some fancy calculations. My tuitions seems to have gone down some what compared to last year, but I made up for that with other deductions. It is sad to be reminded that some of my money went into the pockets of useless bureaucrats and into some of their lame-brain government programs.

This year I noticed that even with the increases in personal exemptions the tax rate was not that much better than last year? I also noticed that I had to fill in two extra forms too regarding these personal tax exemptions–that caught me off guard. Hey, I think next year, we are going to get hosed with more taxes as Mr. Harper and boys (and girls) start messing with the budget.

Part of my grouchiness is venting from me having my daily rhythm screwed up because of Day Light Savings Time. It was a damn chore hauling my butt out of bed this morning to go to work. Yes, working on a Sunday, someone needs to? Right? Anyway, I noticed a lot more traffic on the streets and people driving way more faster and aggressively. Fort Langley seems to go 24/7/365 now. It is rare to drive on Glover Road and be the only traffic? Maybe for everyone who goes to work on weekends were all late because of the time change? I was actually early….

I’m tiered. So much I want to write about, but no energy to do it. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. But I filed early this year: nice to get the torture over and done with.