Monkey B….

I am totally hooked. I cannot stop playing it when I start it. Whenever I am sitting down at the desk and I have nothing to do, which usually happens right when I read some emails, I open up Monkey Bubbles and start playing it. The next thing I know, a half an hour flies by—just like that—and I the whole night is gone.

I even get hyper when I am playing it. I have only gotten as far as level 45. For some reason that is a killer level and I am starting to wonder if that level is even possible to complete. I have spent a fare bit of time on that level and tried it at least twenty times now, and I just cannot clear all of the bubbles off the screen.

Normally I am not a gamer type person on the computer. During the regular part of the semester I have so much homework to do that I never get any time to play games anyway, but with the last couple of weeks off, I thought, “what the heck,” right? That was my undoing.

Games really waste a lot time. I cannot believe how much time has passed since I first started paying the game and reaching the level that I am at now.  The arrows buttons on my keyboard are really loose now and they lost their click when I press them. It would be interesting to know just how many times I have pressed the keys since I started playing this game, and even more interesting to see how much time I have spent playing the game in total?

If you want it, just down load it from synaptic. System → Administration → Synaptic Package Manager, and type in “Monkey Bubbles”.

The Monkey Bubbles web site can be found here: And just a little bit of a warning, it is highly addidctive.