Summer: Relaxation Bliss

For me, and like many others, these long weekends are like once in a lifetime events because we value them so much. I am so glad that I have the day off from work so that I can enjoy another day of summer, and I decided to spend this morning doing an unannounced hike along the Fort to Fort trail. When my body was tuned to spending yet another day working for the man, I instead got up and left for a hike around 6:00am when most people are still dreaming, tucked away in their beds and under the covers. The streets were empty even though the sun had risen.

Walking through the streets of Fort Langley at this time of day is so weird and unusual for me because I am so used to seeing the people and the traffic constantly and all around. The sounds, of human voices at the sidewalk cafĂ©, the restaurant exhaust vents and rumble of wheels from the streets all creates a normal environment for me. To have that missing feels like a Hollywood film, when some mysterious plague wiped out the human race and I am the only left alive. This is the felling that is so nice–no one around.

The trail was different because I met over ten other hikers all doing the same thing I was, taking advantage of less people to spoil the moment. Here there is lots of traffic. You can meet the most interesting people in these trails. One of the hikers, a women who dressed in a full body-multi panelled yellow and black spandex suit, was very talkative as I rested with her group at the Pump house. She was from California and was on a cross Canada trip starting at New Brunswick and heading West. Another hiker, a local, said that he knew me, although I could place a name to his face. With all this traffic along the trail I thought that the town was up extra early.

To my surprise when I got back onto Glover Road I saw only one vehicle, a police car, before I got home.

It was the perfect way to start a holiday Monday. I feel so good after that walk. I am not one of those guys who gets all dressed up with special gear to go out for a hike. I am not a competitive person. I see people in spandex hiking outfits as a little excessive, especially on a trail that takes me only 30 minutes to hike. Jeans, t-shirt and running shoes are my hiking cloths. I just do not want to tire myself out on my day-off and spend as much time preparing for it as I am doing it. That is way too much!

Now the town is in full swing as people have been pouring in to it since 8:00am and onwards. This is BC day, the day that is marking the 150th anniversary of the birth of our province, British Columbia. It is been promised by the weather prognosticators that today is going to be a hot one, at 32C with nothing but unobstructed sunshine. I think a mid-day swim is in order!


I just saved all my photos that were on my camera. I had photos from the last three weeks on it, so I figured that it was time to get them off there so I can fill it up today. When I was going through them, I came across these, my trip back from Agasszi, B.C. from when I was at a seminar at Corrections Canada, Kent facility. I must of done this trip fifty times now. Not only do I travel up to Agassiz, but I also drive to Chilliwack as part of my Monday schedule at work.

I remember my first trip through this part of the valley after I moved down to Vancouver. Looking at these mountains seemed so breath taking after not seeing them for so long. The sight of seeing such steep and high mountains in the middle of a summer day is breath taking. When I have passengers, it never fails, they do nothing but stare out the window up at the skyline.

These photos show the trip back from Agassiz heading back just after Chilliwack going towards Abbotsford. Towards mid afternoon the traffic is light compared to the afternoon rush hour.

Maybe one day when I get lots of time I will grab my camera and drive up one of those mountains and snap a hundred or so shots of the valley. That’s the disadvantage of shooting through a window in a moving vehicle–bugs.