Pebble, Clip, Sandpaper

Whoa! I missed typing in a post for February 29, leap day! Oh well, that’s great. I have been so busy with everything else that I never followed up on my “post-it-note” hanging off of my monitor that says, “post Feb 29!–Talk about Leap day…” I actually spoke to a person whose birthday falls on February 29th, and I find it neat that he could be only four or five years old–officially. But because it is now March and I missed February 29, so I guess I’ll move on to other stuff.

I installed Ubuntu 7.10 on my Mother’s computer last week because they blew their hard drive from a power outage and Windo$e was broken. So rather than committing a felony by installing a copy, a none-licence version, I went for the open source solution instead. I loaded it up with games and got it “Internet” ready, and then sent it off to them, (Mom and her boy friend). I wasn’t sure what kind of response I would get, especially when all they’ve used was Windo$e XP. So far they like it. They seem to be OK navigating around the desktop and through programs, so even Linux seems to pass the “beginner’s introductory” test. I thought I was going to be spending a fare bit of time giving them support, but they managed to find their way around the system–so that’s great! I’m so proud of Mom for allowing me to switch them over to Open Source.

The weather has being to great for the last week that I almost forget that if you drive an hour East of Vancouver you begin to hit snow–and lots of it! We are so spoilt here in the Fraser Valley! While the rest of Canada is digging its way out of snow, we are walking around in shorts, wearing sunglasses, enjoying the sun. Yes, I’m rubbing it in… he he he.