Summer? Maybe….

Well, it’s official, summer started at 5:00pm local time today, and the sun did come out and warm up the place a bit, so I really can’t complain too terribly much. But like all typical BC weather you only need to wait a short time and it will change–at least for 2008 anyway.

The really great thing about this time of year are the long days. I hardly ever get tired, and I seem to have a lot more energy. So tonight I’m going to stay up watch the sunset over in Abbotsford, up on the hill by Bradner Road. This should be taking place around 11:21PM tonight. [Ooops, that should have been 10:21pm ] :O [I’ll get it right sooner or later….. 9:21PM!!!]


Tomorrow it looks like we will have some good old rain comming with lots of clouds, and a slight dip in temperature. What else is new this year? It seems that the weather petterns are totally backwards. We should be having lots of sunny days by now….