Deadlines of March

Right at this very moment the sun is setting, the day is still warm, and the sounds of everyone setting down for their dinners and other evening activities are starting to ramp up. Across the river the tress are glowing with pink and orange, and the sand is a golden colour with an almost purple shadowy twilight through the forest in the background. The Northern sky is almost blue, with the clouds hanging over the mountains that seem to be staying away from the Western side of the valley. Very nice out.

I managed to get through day two of the week of mid-terms exam and papers. Last night, Stats., was a huge relief when I handed in the paper for that class. That was a nail biter because of the lack of information I had to work with on it. There were still many questions I wanted to ask before the due date, but the Prof. was one of those people that likes office visits instead of emails.

Today, a mid-term exam, in-and-out, which I love. Today’s class is your typical lecture style that has three exams, and then a little term paper that requires little effort. Just the joy of having the instructions all laid out nice and neat–to the point of a remedial lesson style environment–is a relief. I wish I had a lot more of these types of classes.

Tomorrow, however, is another action-packed adventure in meeting deadlines: the dreaded class presentation! I guess I must go right to the point on this opinion? I hate team work! It sucks! You always have the weak-link in any given group. That someone who just doesn’t do their share of the workload and expects to ride on those who do and get the benefit of a good mark. I guess I should leave it before I get sued or something…. I just hate dead weight!

Time to post. Just the glow from the LED monitor is lighting up the room now. I’m going to try and prepare for daylight savings-time next week, now that I’m thinking about it? There’s another pile of crap I have to deal with. Sometimes I envy the province of Saskatchewan for their resistance to the time changes. I wish BC had some back-bone and dropped the time changes–I don’t want to work longer–I have a life! These changes sure make me grumpy every time the clocks change forward and back.