I Agree–Kill the Penny!

In the past I had always resisted the changes to our currency. Like the time we switched from the paper dollar bill to the coin, that we lovingly call the “loonie,” I remember the outcry followed by the adjustment as we saw our beloved dollar bill turn into a coin. Then came the toonie a few years after–and the Bank asking Canadians not to adopt its current name. In Canada, our money has always undergone a constant flux of change and at almost any given year you can spot the differences of the colours, images and Bank Governor’s signatures. More than likely, when the Royal Canadian Mint commissions a change to the Bank Notes, it is because of counterfeit issues and commemorating festive events.

For me, if people are willing to except the face value of the currency, then I use it; if not, then what ever is excepted as currency e.g., clam shells, beads, gold coins, etc…, I’ll use that. As I become older and wiser, the colour of the money has less to do with its purpose than how much sweat equity I put into it when I exchange it for goods. As I have learned through studying History and Anthropology that currency comes in many different forms, although Revenue Canada would appreciate it if you use the Bank Notes supplied by the Mint for your everyday buying. I just don’t want to walk down to the local store with a wheelbarrow full of personal items to trade for a few chickens!

Common-sense must prevail at some point as the value of the Canadian legal tender loses its value and other factors supersede its worth. The old-school denominations become redundant and must go the way of the Dodo bird. The Penny, the 1/100 value of our base currency the dollar, has now surpassed its usefulness. The coin jar that I own weighs more than 5 Kg, and the last time I took my rolled coins into a Bank for exchange into something more manageable, I was charged a $2.00 fee for it–nice eh? For the amount of labour to roll up the coins into rounded allotments, and the service charge from the Charted Bank, it is almost worth it just to send the coins to the scrap metal yard for the value of the copper.

Kill the Penny! It will make a lot of sense–cents….

See the news story: Private member’s bill urges penny be scrapped

Is it Really Spring….

I’m glad it is finally spring. This “La Niña” year has really put a damper on what should be way milder temperatures for us here on the West coast. But like it has being for the last two seasons, the first day went with a bang. I got caught in a mid morning hail storm that seem to have lasted for more than 30 min. The land scape might as well been layered with snow because everything was coated with white. I hope it warms up.

I have noticed that the quality of the money I’m getting out of the Banks is really getting bad now. Normally the Canadain Mint makes sure our money is in nice condition. For example, normally you can hold a bill up right at the edge and the paper will suport its weight. In the last month, or so, I’ve noticed that all the bills I’ve received have being, lets say, well used? I mean, it’s all good money and everything, but when you receive a bill that is being held together with tape, something is up? I thought the Mint was supposed to reprint all the damaged bills? Cut backs? I could probably come up with several conspiracies, but I’ll leave that with you….

For all those who have participated in my research study, I thank you. You have all being a really great help. I had fears that I was never going to complete it satisfactory and then end up working with partial data. So far from the coding that I have done, the Female participants are way better savers and spenders than the Males. Surprised? I’m sure gender is one of the major differences among people in this sample?