Is the Week Almost Over Yet?

So far so good. I have been struggling with lack of sleep and stressing out over all the deadlines that I have with my classes. The mess is not quite over yet though, I still have one more presentation to go, plus two more papers: one a research paper, and the other is a reflection essay. Oh yes, then there are the little assignments that keep piling up too. I still have about five of those little assignments before the semester comes to an end and the finals start. Yes, finals.

My home life hasn’t been so great either. My cable is still screwed up. Both my television and Internet keep getting cut off from time to time because the line is damaged. I’m still waiting for Shaw Cable to come by and fix it.

I got a parking ticket the other day. Yes, I did pay. I punched in the wrong stall number. It took a lot of explaining to the Parking Attendant Cop that I did indeed paid my parking fee at the campus. After waiting for 45 minutes on the phone, and then on hold for another 15, I Finally got the ticket dropped. Actually I was surprised that they would cancel it outright over the phone. Usually they like to make the patrons go through a bunch of hoops. I was ready to take them to Small Claims Court….?

I just found out that another neighbour of mine has had their bike stolen. This time it was taken right off from a bike rack attached to the rear of an RV. With lights shining on it, a patio window, and they even had to hop over a fence, the thieve(s) made off with a mountain bike worth over a $1000.00. So Fort Langley is now becoming a bike hot spot for thieves? We must organize. Start up a community vigilante group. We must start patrolling. We must take back our city streets…. or just forget about it and let the insurance company figure it out.

I guess I now need to worry about my regular job–the one that pays me some money so that I can give it to the college. So, tomorrow it is off to work I go. At least that place is less stressful than doing homework with deadlines! ZZzzzzz   ZZzzzzz  ZZzzzzzz