WordPress 2.5 Upgrade.

I decided to take today off from anything academic. Instead, I’m going to focus on doing stuff around the house and spend as much time as I can resting. In the next two weeks, I have the remainder of the semester to deal with, along with finals and adding the finishing touches to term papers, projects and group evaluations.

Last night I gave a talk/lecture/presented, in a class on qualitative research, which is a huge class to focus on when I’ve spent most of my life dealing with quantitative research, so everything in this class is a challenge. So last night when I got home from class, I paid some bills (those monthly things) and promptly headed off home to sleep, I think I was even asleep before my head touched the pillow? Oh, and I think I got few email sent off before that too. It’s now a haze….

So this morning I thought I would start off with upgrading my blogging software. I got the automatic update nag text stating that a newer version awaits a few days ago, so I figured it is now or never. One of the nice things about WordPress, other than its ease of use, was the five minute upgrade. I like the new feature they’ve incorporated into the Administration Page and the layout. verry nice looking–not as cluttered.

For you the reader, the difference is going to be non-existent because most of the cosmetics are for the administrator page and some plugin features. However, I have noticed that the comments page seems to load a lot faster.

So, all-in-all, a good day for getting some chores done.