Deep Thought: 42

Last night on the Space Channel they played “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy-2005″, a show that I did spend on money to see at the cinema, but shouldn’t have because the BBC version from the 1980s was bang on to the book, while this version wasn’t. But it got me thinking about probability and all the fun you can have with it.

I like asking the “what if” questions, and then playing the probability game trying to answer them. Like, for example, what if we were the result of an experiment, an experiment that was created from a group of rouge mice who wanted to see what would happen to us if we would blew up our own world, then blamed it on someone else, like the Whales or the Dogs, then what would the mice think? Would the mice then think that animals with bigger brains would blow them out, believing that if we humans’ lay the blame on someone else then we can justify it? What if we lay waste to the Mice’s cities and killed them all off, would the experiment prove that it was all a bad idea? What if the same experiment that caused us humans to become intelligent, became a toxic environmental disaster for the mice, and wiped their intelligence down to the rodents we see today? Hummm, something to think about?

But enough about probability and Mice, I have a term paper to crank out. Watching the show was a great stress reliever, especially knowing that the answer to the question “why” is 42, it makes me laugh all the same. I should always remember the last words from the “Guide,” –“DON’T PANIC.”