Put Title Here.

I have been busy. The mid-term crunch is less than a week away and already the jitters are creeping in. Two courses are giving me some trouble because of the reading loads, but I’m hoping that I can pull through. My Stats course is probably going to be the worst because of the technical aspect of it. I manage to pull a all-nighter doing the reading marathon.

This week I signed up for the “Red Dot” program at Canada Post. You tell them that you no longer wish to have junk mail delivered to your mail box, and they will put a red dot on your mailbox so that the Letter Carrier knows not to give you ad mail. Anything that does not have an address on it will not go into the mail box. So if you hate junk mail and figure that you can save a tree, hey, ask for it, or go here to the Red Dot Campaign and print off a form that you can send in to the post office and they will set it up that way. Hey, I think it is a great service not to have junk mail shoved into my mailbox–I just want the bills. Hummm, I wonder if they’ll stop those too?

OK, this is really weird, or what I would call a typical rotten winter–ready. There is still snow on the ground here in Fort Langley; meantime the rest of Langley Township is enjoying brown, warmer snow free weather. Is that not right! There is some weird voo-doo going on here–and I don’t like it. There ought to be a policy in our weather contract that states everyone must suffer equally or I’m not going to participate the next time a storm blow over Langley City–they can deal with it!

Back to the books….