If I Could Just Put a Band-Aid On It

Unbelievable last week and a half. The exams, papers and projects have hit their apex and the stress metre is well in the red. It is hard to balance between work home and class. Work, the demands of being constantly asked to work more, longer and harder is starting to sound like the Broken-Record effect, and perhaps something I may need to deal with in my own special way very soon–like leave it. It is a consideration, or option, that I need some time to think about before I do anything out of frustration. My home is falling apart. I have so many maintenance projects on my list of things to do that I was overwhelmed with a estimated cost analysis when I was doing some on-line pricing at the local hardware stores. The price of building lumber is unbelievable! And then there are the classes. I was so happy to discover in my syllabus that one of my Monday classes is closed for the next two Mondays.

It seems like money and time are two biggest topics of conversation these days. The USA recession is now creating lots of anxiety for people up here in Canada and because of this it is causing some of my friends to rethink their financial long term planning. I have certainly seen them, quite noticeably I may add, cut back on purchasing and buying as they want to keep a larger portion of cash in the home safe. Also, I have a couple of people I know who are now working a sixty-five hour week because they need the cash. One of them, and I will not name names, is experiencing a huge dilemma because his partner had quit her job because the company is relocating to Alberta. They have what I call a killer mortgage, and it is eating into their very existence as he now is the only income earner.

My research project it now under way. There are so many factors in it that I wish I had a direct line to the instructor because the textbook is not comprehensive enough. So I plug on words with it, fumbling slowly through it, hoping that I at least hit the target area let alone the mark. With all the stress, the sheer volume of writing involved, I am finding myself staying up later and later and later. Last night ended around 1:30am this morning because of typing transcripts. I’m now at the point where I really don’t care what grade I get, I just want to finish it and move on.

I signed for some classes for the summer semester. Yup, doing the summer classes deal–again. Why you ask? Because I want to finish this as fast as I can without killing myself over it. I was dismayed that most of the classes I need are not available during the summer. I wanted to focus on completing some of my electives. Instead I’m doing a fourth year class titled CRIM 4900, Sexual Deviance and Violence, another Monday class. I’m a sucker for punishment. I don’t know if I want to do a full coarse load, or just stick with the one class for now, but my energy is not what it used to be? Choices, choices, choices….

I am happy that Road-Rage is getting the attention is deserves in the media! It is tragic that a young man lost his life because of it, but as the old saying goes,”the mayor’s daughter has to get killed at a red light before a committee is created to fixed it….” Road-Rage has always being with us, and it is now more prevalent because of the population explosion in the last ten years. Our roads are clogged and our out-dated transportation systems have deteriorated. You don’t need a degree in criminology to figure that out. So, how to fix the problem? Re-train people’s driving habits, or build more roads?