You Know it is Spring When….

My Top Ten list regarding spring. Even though it is still cold out, like there was frost this morning, the days are getting warmer. Like magic, people are getting into the spring mode as if someone had thrown a switch. Neighbours are out side, people whom I have not seen in several months are enjoying the sudden change in weather. So here is my top ten list of “signs that you know spring has finally arrived.”

Signs that you know spring has finally arrived

  1. You can spot all the little piles of Dog-Doo-Doo along the side walks.
  2. The Birds, particularly the Robbins, start attacking the Cats.
  3. The lawn is a sea of yellow instead of green due to the sudden explosion of Dandy-Lions.
  4. Women in shirts.
  5. An increase in Beer Cans along the sides of roads.
  6. Ants are everywhere. They are crawling up trees and on the ground, everywhere. I’m seeing a huge ant hill developing along hedgerow between the front lawn and the road. It has being under construction for the last week that I am aware of.
  7. Bunnies are becoming less fearful as they feed on the grass among the dandy-lions in the front lawn. I think we are in for a Bunny population explosion this year?
  8. Everyone owns a convertible.
  9. White bright legs hurts one’s eyes when wearing shorts for the first time after a long winter break.
  10. Taking out the smoothie making equipment from storage for another year!

Yes, I think it is safe to say that the gloomy wintry season is passing. The sad realization of the soon approaching summer is servicing the air-conditioner and getting it ready for action.