Poly…, What?

I have been busy. I managed to do some cleaning around the place, but not as much as I would have hoped because the two week break is not long enough. Monday I am back in classes, so all my free time will be taken away. And so the fourteen week cycle starts over again.

I managed to squeeze in some recreational reading. I just finished a book called “The Secret Lives of Saints: Child Brides and Lost Boys in Canada’s Polygamous Mormon Sect” 2008, by Daphne Bramham. I thought it would be a good read because of all the attention that polygamy is getting in the media in the last couple of years. I like the term, “British Columbia’s Dirty Little Secret,” because it sums up the rhetoric of how this concentration of media frenzy is getting. In BC there is a (several) group(s) of people, mainly several families who are practising polygamy–a crime within the Canadian Criminal Code. The Criminal Code clearly defines and outlines what is polygamy. So, the question that is bagging to be asked is why has the BC Government not laid charges under the Criminal Code against the polygamists? I invite you to read the book and invoke the court of public opinion for yourself as it appears the answer it far more complicated than that a simple editorial from a news paper can offer.

Awe–yes, upgrading. In the Unbuntu Linux world, the biannual upgrade is now upon us: read the news release. We are now being ushered into version 8.04 (Long Term Support). Just when I thought you could not get a nicer smoother looking desktop, 8.04 surprised me with the look and feel aspects of its next generation of art designs and elegance. The Ubuntu team really put a lot of effort into this edition with a smarter and tighter looking GUI. I was happily surprised with the news about 8.04, and I am very enthusiastic about running this new version on my desk-top. Yes, eye candy is the pleasure of people who spend way too much time in front of the monitor….

The only issue I have with the upgrade, moving to 8.04, was the amount of files I needed to download. This is mostly a personal problem because I have over 2100 files of software that also needed to be upgraded along with the new OS version too, so a good four hours of downloading was needed to complete the task. Please note also that I have a 10mB +/- download rate connection, a lot more that a normal residential connection would have, so it could have been worse.

Now I have a couple of days left to enjoy before the peace and tranquillity is broken because of dead-lines and homework. The best part of summer classes is that it all takes place during summer, and this means not dealing with driving on snow! Think positive-right!

Pebble, Clip, Sandpaper

Whoa! I missed typing in a post for February 29, leap day! Oh well, that’s great. I have been so busy with everything else that I never followed up on my “post-it-note” hanging off of my monitor that says, “post Feb 29!–Talk about Leap day…” I actually spoke to a person whose birthday falls on February 29th, and I find it neat that he could be only four or five years old–officially. But because it is now March and I missed February 29, so I guess I’ll move on to other stuff.

I installed Ubuntu 7.10 on my Mother’s computer last week because they blew their hard drive from a power outage and Windo$e was broken. So rather than committing a felony by installing a copy, a none-licence version, I went for the open source solution instead. I loaded it up with games and got it “Internet” ready, and then sent it off to them, (Mom and her boy friend). I wasn’t sure what kind of response I would get, especially when all they’ve used was Windo$e XP. So far they like it. They seem to be OK navigating around the desktop and through programs, so even Linux seems to pass the “beginner’s introductory” test. I thought I was going to be spending a fare bit of time giving them support, but they managed to find their way around the system–so that’s great! I’m so proud of Mom for allowing me to switch them over to Open Source.

The weather has being to great for the last week that I almost forget that if you drive an hour East of Vancouver you begin to hit snow–and lots of it! We are so spoilt here in the Fraser Valley! While the rest of Canada is digging its way out of snow, we are walking around in shorts, wearing sunglasses, enjoying the sun. Yes, I’m rubbing it in… he he he.